Is this Trump’s America or Biden’s?

Liberals and some logically confused conservatives have attempted to turn Trump and the GOP rhetoric about “Biden’s America” or “the Democrat’s America” around on them and point to the fact that Donald Trump is the president. It’s supposed to follow that since Trump is president then Kenosha and Portland represent Trump’s America. This logic doesn’t hold up on it’s own, but as an attempt to turn the tables on GOP rhetoric it commits the fallacy of equivocation.

When Trump or the GOP says “This is Biden’s America” they clearly don’t simply mean to point to things that will incidentally happen during a Biden presidency, but not during a Trump presidency. In this sense, me tying my shoes today is “Trump’s America” and the sun rising on September 1st, 2020 is “Trump’s America.”

Is this really what liberals and some logically confused conservatives thinks the phrase means?

What it actually is meant to designate is that the rioters are being whipped into hysterics by the Democrats and even by Joe Biden. What’s driving the hysterics is a democratic narrative that will be ascendant under Joe Biden.

Furthermore, the argument is not that Biden losing will make the rioting and looting stop. That would only be the case if the rioting and looting were motivated by pure cynicism, and even then they wouldn’t necessarily stop. If Biden wins the rioting and looting might very well stop — but that’s hardly an argument which proves we should vote for Biden or that the rioting and looting really were Trump’s America after all. A spoiled child will stop screaming if you give it a piece of candy. This doesn’t mean you’ve solved the problem. Arguably you’ve kicked the problem down the road a bit and created an even more monstrous child in the process.